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Team Shadow Extreme SPL
Unit 2, 9330-194 Street
Surrey, BC, Canada
V4N 4E9

E-mail: extreme@teamshadowspl.com

Team Shadow started out in 2002 in the car audio business. We are three brothers who started out by building our first SPL car, a 1988 Dodge Shadow, which incorporated unique technology such as a clutch driven alternator which was fully controlled from an external podium and a 14 volt battery system consisting of 8 volt and 6 volt batteries wired in a series-parallel configuration.

In 2004, we started a car audio club called West Coast Extreme SPL, with the vision of rejuvenating the car audio competition scene in Western Canada. We have grown to over 40 members who continue to come out to shows and compete every year, and we are still growing strong. Our mission was to create an equal opportunity car audio enthusiast club, open to everyone and providing unity and support to everybody in the competition scene.

Since then, we have developed our team, our club and now our business in the car audio industry by building SPL cars and as certified IASCA judges promoting events across Western Canada and the United States. Currently our specialty includes building custom high output alternators and alternator kits for various applications. We have a full service alternator and car audio shop, capable of building, installing and fabricating custom alternators and car stereos. We have also become a dealer for Exide Batteries and carry a full line of high current extreme batteries.

We currently own and maintain 2 SPL cars: the original 1988 Dodge Shadow as well as a world class SPL 1986 Honda Civic. We have traveled all over Canada and the United States to compete and attend various events, as far away as the IASCA world finals in Louisville, Kentucky as competitors as well as judges.


The founder of Team Shadow, Robert Riquelme has over 20 years experience as a technician in the automotive industry. His certifications include: heavy duty mechanical repair, inspector’s authorization, advanced air conditioning systems, vehicle emissions testing and advanced electrical and accessories diagnostics. Robert is an IASCA certified judge.

The co-founder of Team Shadow, Patrick Riquelme, has over 10 years of experience in the car audio industry in distribution, service, sales, support, marketing and installation. He has attended the Mobile Dynamics School in Toronto, Ontario and has completed the Basic Installer, First Class Installer, Accredited Mobile Electronics and Mobile Electronics Associate certifications. Patrick is also an IASCA certified judge.

The co-founder of Team Shadow, William Riquelme has over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. He has his heavy duty equipment certification, inspector’s authorization and is a certified heavy equipment instructor.
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